Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Creating a FileNet P8 domain

You create a FileNet P8 domain by using Enterprise Manager; a GCD is created automatically if one does not already exist. Thereafter, you can add additional servers to an existing FileNet P8 domain by running the installation program again on a server that is a member of the J2EE domain in which the FileNet P8 domain resides. See IBM FileNet P8 Platform Installation and Upgrade Guide for instructions on installing Content Engine.
GCD Security
The GCD is stored in a database, and contains a security descriptor that controls access to specific GCD objects. Access to the GCD table is a function of how access to the database is controlled.
See Help for Security for more information about the FileNet P8 domain's association with its authentication provider.
Backup and recovery considerations
If the database server hosting the GCD database is totally lost, the system administrator cannot reach the FileNet P8 domain; therefore, it is important to back up the GCD database. See Back up Content Engine for more information.

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