Monday, 31 December 2012

Content Engine overview

Content Engine provides a rich set of services, tools, built-in features, and programmable functionality that system designers can use to accomplish their business process management goals.
Content Engine works with Process Engine and Enterprise Application Integration functionality (EAI) to meet the requirements of your enterprise content management application. It has also been tightly integrated with web-based client interfaces such as Records Manager (RM), Workplace, and Application Integration for Microsoft Office and Outlook, which in turn provide an HTTP toolkit for customizing integrations with other applications.
This overview consists of three major parts:
Features—an introduction to Content Engine's powerful feature set for creating,managing, and storing business objects and content.
Architecture—an overview of Content Engine's main components: its internal architecture, tools, client applications, and services.
Technologies—introduces the primary operating system, platform, communication, and database technologies used by Content Engine.
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