Wednesday, 26 December 2012

What is Life

I read The Secret book two months ago, from that day I started to practice it from tiny things and now moving to bigger thing in life. Before this, i used to be someone who complaints about everything in my life and put the blame of my life's imperfection on others.

I blamed by parents for not being rich and provide me with luxury life. I broke up with my partner by telling her  that she is not good enough to make my life happy. I blamed her for all the unhappy moment I had faced. Basically I was a person who never took responsibility for my own life and expected others to make my life beautiful.

All that changed after one of my sister's introduced me The Secret. I am 25 now, the book made me realise how many days of my life I have wasted by putting blame on my family, community, environment, fate and etc. What I realised from the book was ONLY I CAN MAKE MY LIFE TO BE WHAT I WANT. That means, I set my dreams, I ask, I receive what I want, and finally thanking God for making it happen.

It is so simple even though I needed a lot of mental exercise it was worth the time spent to change all the negativity of my life to positive.

Now I am back with my girlfriend and now I don�t call her my girlfriend, I call her my soul mate. This time I�m not asking her to make my life happy. I do my part by think great thing about my relationship. Every day I visualise how my life should be, how my relationship should be and how I should be, all in the positive way. Day by day everything is materialising and after two months of effort my mind now could automatically change a negative thought that crosses my mind with a positive one. And I find it easier to think positively than negatively.

I told my soul mate about The Secret book, she read and her attitude also has changed. Previously we only talked about how terrible our life was, always feared that our families wouldn�t accept our relationship, how little money we have to run our life, etc. But now, we only talk about good things, happy moments, luxurious life, perfect career, family and community's acceptance of our relationship.

My life is so wonderful now. I dont fight with anyone and I try to give out love to as many people as possible. I believe that we receive whatever you think, so, I always try to think all good things. I started small and I have the confidence that I will achieve big. My favorite quote is "THOUGHT BECOMES THING" and my soul mate has picked up on this quote as well.

I�m looking forward to all of good things happening in my life. I am so grateful to GOD for creating the moment for me to know the existence of this book, The Secret, to Rhonda Byrne for letting the world know about the Law of Attraction, and to all the people around me who had made me realise the beauty of the life.

With Love,
Pravakar Kumar


  1. Lesbians are female lovers, but your profile shows you to be a guy. Are you being funny?

  2. Oh yeah... You are right!! I am not lesbian but I was pretending myself as a lesbian and wanted to express my feeling from that way.

    With love,